Finding Solace

My book, Finding Solace, is now in the Amazon Kindle stores, available as an ebook! Author name is Kiah Hyman.

It is available in multiple formats, so I listed them in that there journal ^w^*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Looking for Beta Readers

Yep! I’m looking for someone (or a couple someones) to read a current story I’m working on. I haven’t uploaded it anywhere yet because it is fairly new and I am to publish this as my next book. Not a lot is written yet, but I’m looking to continually provide these bits as I progress through the story to its completion. Is anyone interested/available to do so? This would not just be for one story/book, but multiples, as I often jump to other projects and add-on to them when I am stuck with one.


Kit Perriman

StyxI crossed over in the night for the very first time –

just floated serene and lonely

on coffee-brown water that lapped at my raft, unfelt.

I was not so much frightened as stricken with awe –

full of no earthly sensation

but the rushing of time, propelling me on and on.

Then at some exact moment –  the slate horizon

cracked like a splintering egg-shell

and strange orange light bled through the fissures of dark.

It is not yet my time.

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Impishly Sedated

The Midnight Writer

impishly sedated
peace devours
and destroys my
understanding –

I sigh for you
malevolent and

between cracked lips and
bloodshot lamentations

let me drown.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

jackslife Image Source: Flickr

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