Just a random something that I needed to get out of my system.

“It’s never good when I stop caring, close to downright dangerous,” the young woman explained. They’d been walking an open path simply to stare at the stars up in the night sky. A light breeze drifted over them.

“And half of the time, it happens by accident. If I’m talking with someone, and something happens or other where they have a complete disregard or misunderstanding over something I want to do or have done–even though I’ve explained it multiple times–I get disappointed and irritable with them. I get distant, I know I do, and I almost immediately feel the change inside me, y’know?”

Her companion smiled silently to himself and continued walking with her.

“It’s not that I don’t care…it’s just..” She rubbed the back of her neck, trying to find the words. “They say that they soooo much about me, yet can’t even respect that simple thing, and blow it up to ungodly proportions. It just makes me not want to…well, not want to waste any more of my time. Not to mention, I find myself having to repeat things many times–and I HATE repeating myself.” She sighed heavily.

“I know I change when that happens. And usually, I already know how the other person would react and eventually get to once my influence or being or essence or whatever is removed from their life. If they were on a negative path, they may go right back down that path, especially if they continued to do so even WITH me coming in to snap them out of it. I just can’t be everything for everyone. Maybe I’m just tired…? Maybe I just want to find people…on my level of awareness…?” She stopped and stared up at the night sky, closing her eyes for a moment, the weight on her shoulders finally lifting.

Her companion cleared his throat, and she opened her eyes slowly.

“If they choose to put you on a pedestal and equate you to things that you are not, it is not your burden. It is theirs. If they can’t reach your level still, after all this time, it’s best to move on.” He caressed her cheek lightly, smiling. “Don’t feel bad when you stop caring. Sometimes it is for the best, for the both of you.

“I was always on your level… In the past, and even now.” He leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Who knows? I may show up in this life, and my guise may remember everything. Then you’ll have that someone who is on your level…”

Then, her companion faded out into the night, leaving her alone under the light of the moon.

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