DarkWood. Prologue – All

Jezebel had just finished dying her hair from its original strawberry blonde color to three different shades of blue when she heard a sound. The sound of someone playing an accordion. She fluffed her hair and straightened her back. “Hello?” she called out. The sound came again, surrounding her. She turned slowly on her heel, listening with the intent of following, but it had fell silent. Jezebel waited, anticipating the accordion sound, hoping it would play again.

Her Chihuahua Paco had been awfully quiet upon the first playing of the sound; this little detail made her anxious, just as the accordion sounded for a third time. “Aha!” she cried. But before she took a step in the accordion’s direction, a shadow twisted around from behind her and engulfed her.


“Did you write down what I told you, Seraphim?” Elina asked into the phone. She was giving him another lesson in magick over the phone and playing Solitaire on her laptop at the same time. Behind her, the sound of an accordion began to play. She froze.

“Well, I wrote it down, but I don’t—“

“Do you hear that?” She interrupted, but her room was quiet again.


“Shh!” She listened and heard the accordion begin again, softly. “You don’t hear that, Seraphim?” Panicking, she scanned her room, every nook and cranny visible to her eye, checking every shadow; everything seemed fine.

“Are you hearing things again, Eli? You know that’s dangerous. Do you have any protection?” Seraphim asked, worry coating his words.

Elina relaxed a smidgen. “It might’ve just been—” She spoke too soon, hearing the accordion play for a third time. Out of habit, she checked the corners of the room one more time—just as a shadow sprung out and consumed her whole.


“Eli?” No answer. “Eli!” Seraphim hollered into the phone. Worry settled in like a fog. Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair and began pacing, only to slow and come to a stop when the accordion began to play. “What the fuck…?”

He looked around for the source, finding nothing in his dimly lit room but his laptop and his notebook on his desk. Seraphim frowned and the accordion sounded again, irking him. “Where is the sound coming from?”

He stopped in front of his desk, shuffling papers around as the accordion played a third time. Then, as if someone had come into the room, he whipped around and inhaled sharply as a shadow crashed down and swallowed him.


Athena was deeply immersed in her artwork when she first heard the accordion. Not stopping her work, she said, “All right, you guys, I know you’re there,” thinking it to be one of her Guardians. The sound stopped. When no one came forward to reveal themselves, she looked up and studied her room. “Strange,” she mumbled, her body starting to tense up. The accordion played again to its end; Athena stayed where she was. Cautiously, she set down the pencil in her hand and slowly rose to her feet as the accordion played a third time. Something flickered in her left peripheral and her head swiveled with her sight to where a shadow was coiled and poised on the ceiling. Her breath caught and the shadow took her before she could even blink.

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