Music and Writing (and Art)

Here’s what I listen to these days while writing (or drawing or doodling):

Spirit Earth: Relaxing Native Flute
1. Morning Sky
2. Wandering
3. Prayer For the Elders
4. Sacred Land
5. Elevation
6. Memories
7. The Healing Path
8. Clear View
9. Sun Shower
10. Four Winds
11. Beautiful Solitude
12. Spirit Earth

Reiki: Music For Healing & Relaxation
1. Healing Hands
2. Simplicity
3. Timeless Reflection
4. Mind, Body, Soul
5. A Place of Calm
6. Eternal Flow
7. Rejuvenating Ki
8. Clarity

Zen Relaxation: Deluxe Edition, Disk One
1. Voices of Silence
2. The Lamp Light Within
3. Yellow Butterflies
4. Blossom
5. Between Water & Flame
6. Namaste
7. Voices of Silence [Reprise]

Zen Relaxation: Deluxe Edition, Disk Two
1. A Song Of The Great Mountain
2. We See Here & Forever
3. Turn Downward Open Path
4. Valley Flute/Mountain Flute
5. Lutes Once Held By Gods
6. She Starts Singing
7. Gifts Still Unopened
8. Let Me Flood Over You
9. When The Moon Is Low
10. Chamber In The Soul
11. Of Which No Tongue Can Speak
12. A Song To The Great Mountain [Reprise]

Marc Anthony – 3.0
1. Vivir Mi Vida
2. Volver a Comenzar
3. Flor Pálida
4. Cambio de Piel
5. Espera
6. La Copa Rota
7. Dime Si No Es Verdad
8. Hipocresía
9. Cautivo de Este Amor

Depending on the scenes I’m writing/emotion when drawing, I may switch to something like In This Moment, Azam Ali, Evanescence, etc. Just wanted to share with you all! Stay lovely, darlings!

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